Skullcandy Venue wireless headphones review

Stephen Watson
October 18, 2018

Skullcandy Venue available in Black or White for £149.99 from Argos or HMV

So Recently we have been reviewing a number of the range brought to you via Skullcandy and this time we were lucky to test the Skullcandy Venue and I have to say boy was I impressed.

We collected these at a press event where we were given the headphones in a super cool display box that included a video message, a small bottle of Jagermeister and a Tile sport pro which if you have read previous reviews I just love these.

In the past, Skullcandy has been that brand for the kids with crazy designs and a cheap price but the Skullcandy Venue turns these ideas on its head and has given us a fantastic pair of headphones that I did not want to put down!

What makes these headphones my new best friend is they have a built-in Tile meaning if I lose them I can track them using Tile’s clever technology making this the top of the range headphones for Skullcandy. With features such as 40mm drivers, active noise cancellation (ANC), Voice assistant and quick charge to just name a few.  

So the design of these headphones make these look luxury with an all matt black finish with a small skull on the headband but you would not notice this unless close up making them look like any other high-end headphone. The earcups have raised rubber strips on the back edge of each earcup which provides the controls on the left are the power with four tiny LED’s which show you battery level. You can check the levels without even turning the headphones on. You also have the ANC control on that cup that for these unaware of ANC it’s for the Noise cancellation. 

On the right earcup is the volume and pairing controls and at the bottom of the cup is the micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm housed in the cut-out section at the base

On each headphone is an X that houses the noise cancellation microphones. These headphones compared to the Skullcandy Hesh 3 are very comfortable with the use of the synthetic leather cups and the overhead clamp does not crush your head as the Hesh 3 did. In fact, I had these on of over 3 hours and they felt fantastic after a while you forget you are wearing them. They are a joy to wear!

The features that come with the Venue headphones really take you to the next level. First of all, you have ANC for cancelling that outside noise out but also at the tap of the ANC button you get the monitor mode which makes the sound a bit lower but you can hear the outside world. There is also support for Google Assistant or Siri depending on your phone and the best of the bunch 24 hours of battery life. If you get through a whole day of battery it has fast charge and can offer five hours of battery life in 10 Min! If somehow you run out of battery simply connect the 3.5 mm cable and continue listening.

Now the feature that I think is a real game changer is the fact they have Tile’s Bluetooth tracking technology built in which means gone are the days of losing your headphones. If your not in range no worries click find my tile on the app and it uses the millions of users to try and connect to your tile to show you where you had them and gives you an alert if another Tile user passes them without them even knowing. If you are in range use the app to alert you to their location and the headphones will make a jingle loud enough for you to find them.

God Bless Tile I have one on everything am even thinking about putting one of them on the girlfriend lol. Finally, all of this is kept safe in a semi-hard case to keep them safe and protected when not in use.

Sound quality wise they are not going to scare Sony or B&O but if you like the bass-heavy sound profile Skullcandy are known for you will not be disappointed. However, the bass will not take over from the music you have a good mix here. I find the base really helps if you were to listen to an audiobook it takes the edge off the spoken voice making listening more enjoyable.

If you listen to something like our go-to track No roots from Alice Merton the sound quality is very good. The vocals are very clear and the bass sounds fantastic. If you try them with the ANC they do the job you hear 100% music and no outside sound and in a busy office, you will be shocked how good these really are without the need of ear-damaging levels of sound.

I have recently given these two my future father in law as he has connected them to his TV and loves the fact you have ANC technology which in a house with 3 women was a gift from God. Put it this way am in the good books with him!

My only negative on these are when it comes to the ANC sometimes you will hear a humming noise in between tracks and if you turn the ANC off the music goes so low and even with the volume right up it’s still a challenge with a very soft sound. Turn the ANC back on and you will need to reduce the sound as it comes in loud. Apart from that, these are fantastic.

The Venue headphones price wise are at the top of the scale when you consider the Skullcandy range at £149.99 but if you want headphones with a bunch of great features and sound great these are ones to buy for sure! So overall they look great and all the features you come to expect for paying over £100 for headphones. The noise cancellation is a great addition and works really well and with a 24-hour battery and with the use of Tile Technology you will never lose these I fell in love with them.

Sound wise they sound great and at £150 I think personally you are getting a bargain these land a 5-star review with us. So go buy the Skullcandy Venue headphones you will not be disappointed.  

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