Harlem Headphones By KitSound Review

Stephen Watson
October 22, 2018

Available from for £34.99 in four colours Black/Gold, Black/Silver, Pink & Purple

As a Bluetooth convert, I was very intrigued by the Harlem Headphones via Kit Sound. Very rarely nowadays do I use wired headphones and with 3.5mm jacks becoming almost extinct, it’s a good time to start embracing a change.

For a bit of background I have been using these headphones to watch TV and listen to music and on the whole, they do really well. Bass is good enough and there I could find no problem with the quality of the speakers inside as they were loud enough for me and didn’t cause any discomfort.

Set up is easy and connecting the headset once paired is as easy as turning it on, there was rarely a point where I had to manually choose the headphones on the device I was using and if I did it was because I had listened to something on a separate device.

On the side of the right speaker is a control panel which allows users to pause or play their music, skip a track or turn the volume up or down. This is tricky to get the hang of and, truth be told, I still don’t have a firm grasp as to what I should be doing and instead just chose to skip tracks or turn volume up using the device.

The only other point I would highlight is the fact that these headphones did become uncomfortable from time to time. The headband is quite tight and, while the speakers are cushioned, they can be irritable after a couple of hours usage but overall the quality was good, they were easy to set up and use and, as long as you use your device to alter what your listening to, you’d rarely find fault with the Harlem Headphones via Kitsound.

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