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Stephen Watson
March 4, 2019

House of Marley Uprise – £49.99 from

In the latest of the House of Marley products, we had the chance to review the Uprise wireless sports edition headphones. These are headphones that are designed for fitness considering they are sweatproof these are ideal for the gym.

They cost £49.99 which is a sensibly priced and come in 3 colours Black, Brass & Teal so let’s see how they perform.

As with other products from House of Marley they are keen to promote the fact they use products that are good for the environment and also recycled and the uprise model is no different. With a combination of wood fibre and recycled polypropylene composite, these are positive for the environment.

The earpieces are large capsule shaped with aluminium joints for more a rigid connection.  The cable is a braided cable that reminds me of a camping twist tie. You are also provided with a fastener that allows for a better fit when using them in a fitness environment.

The earbuds are designed for a good fit and you are given the normal silicone tips plus hanger hooks and fins that further secure the earphones in your ears. Personally, I found the fit a little uncomfortable when using these for long periods and felt stuck in my ear to deep which made my ears hurt.  You are given a number of different hanger hooks and fins so you can find a combo that works best for you and will fit in your ears just fine even when working out in the gym.

The uprise headphones are water-resistant to IPX5 which means after a long workout sweating is not an issue.  Battery wise you get 8 hours of play and after giving these a good test that lasted just over the 8-hour mark if you don’t play them too loud for too long. Once the battery needs a recharge as with most earphones we have tested there a rubber covered micro-USB port to recharge and that can be found on the side of the controller. I also found connecting these were very easy to do and the Bluetooth signal did not provide any interference.

The controller is a 3 button combo which is made up of the power/pairing button which also allows with a double click the chance to use a phone’s assistant. You are also accompanied by the volume up and down buttons.

Sound wise these are good for the price and have a strong bass presence which can take over the mids at times but some extra definition to the upper-mids and treble that provide some energy to the overall sound quality.

Overall, The House of Marley uprise is good for trips to the gym as they felt fine in my ears for up to about an hour or so before they hurt personally but as mentioned there are different hooks and fins allowing you to have a good fit.  At £49.99 these are a good mid-range pair of headphones that benefit from IPX5 rating meaning a strong workout won’t damage the headphones.

These headphones are also great for vegans as no animals are harmed in the making of these headphones so vegans get buying!

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