Review: Mini Arcade Machine with 240 games by Thumbs Up

Stephen Watson
February 28, 2019

Here at What Mobile, we get all sorts of tech to review and the latest was the Mini Arcade Machine by Thumbs Up which costs £24.99. This was great fun to try as it brought back the nostalgia of taking your pocket money to the local arcade and playing what is now known as retro games but back then it was the height of fashion back in the ’80s.

The Mini Arcade machine is only little and fits on your desk with ease and with a 2.5-inch screen and a built-in speaker, it’s just like being in the arcade. The machine is made from plastic and has a restart, volume and start button. As well as a joystick that moves 8 different ways and feels just like the arcade machines we were brought up on and you also get an A & B button. They even have the detail of where you would put a coin in but with this machine no need for money.

Thumbs up have loaded this mini arcade machine comes with an instruction manual for basic set up but you do need to buy batteries separately. It takes 3 AA batteries.

Now the machine is loaded with 240 games on a range of different styles such as Aim cruise, Vanguard & Star just name a few. my only issue with this is some of the games I have never played and have no instructions on how to play that game I find myself just skipping to something else. I also gave this to my kids who are 14 & 13 and they said the same some of the games they simply had no idea how to play.

So overall, this is a great nostalgia act that brought me back to my childhood and kept me entertained for hours it’s just a shame we did not have instructions on how to play some of the games or even a little info when you entered that game. However, with 240 games am sure there will be something you like and remember and for only £24.99 it will provide the fun factor and is a great toy.

The Mini Arcade Machine costs £24.99 from

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