Jam Audio- Double Chill Speakers Review- Little speakers really pack a punch.

Stephen Watson
September 3, 2018

Available £34.99 from and in Black, Blue & Gray

Recently in What Mobile you would have seen us report on the fact Jam Audio is back with an attractive new range speakers and headphones and we been lucky to test not one but two Double Chill Speakers that when you link them together give you an incredible sound for a low priced speaker.

With this generation of wireless everything and with the great weather we have been having a wireless speaker for these BBQ’s is essential for anyone.

Welcome Jam’s Double Chill speakers which make up part of the fantastic new range out now!  These speakers are the perfect travel partner for music on holiday which I gave a test on the sunny island of Rhodes recently.

The Double Chill speakers use a mono 3W audio driver that crisp sexy sound with the help of a passive radiator speaker that gives you the same sound that some much larger speakers deliver.  A song these speakers shine and show you the TLC gone into them is Red Light Spells Danger by Billy Ocean. The speaker is not massive in size as it fits in your hand which is impressive for a speaker to pack a punch like these do.

What makes these speakers even better and I found this out while on my holiday is they are waterproof to the IP67 rating just like the Kitsound Diggit outside speaker we reviewed recently. We had these speakers by the pool and the odd splash did not cause any issues.

Connecting these speakers are very easy you will see they have a yellow control panel with an X & O and a small raised line in between. The O is volume up and the X is volume down.

To connect one speaker simply hold the raised for 2 seconds and it pairs with your device. Pairing them both I found a little more time-consuming. To get both working for that studio sound hold for the X & O buttons for 4 seconds at the same time and they will connect. The quickstart guide that comes in the box was a godsend. Also in the box is the 3.5m AUX which is great if you don’t have Bluetooth but I will be honest in all the time I been reviewing products never used it.

I also like the way you can store the USB Cables as there a secret compartment at the bottom which makes you not have the issue of forgetting the charger cable that many of having done in the past.  They also have a fabric hoop which doubles up as some branding for Jam but you can hang the speaker. GameChanger! Now I can sing to Meatloaf I will do anything for love while being in the shower lol.

Like a lot of Bluetooth speakers, they allow you to take a call. The double chill will automatically go into a hands-free mode when you dial a call or receive a call and will stop the music while you’re using your phone which is a great feature as I don’t want to have to worry about turning the music off and answering a call at once. Multi-tasking as a man a challenge enough lol.

The battery life on the double chill allows for 12 hours of continuous playback and giving these a test from full battery to empty it was true to its word even when you connect the two together. In terms of connectivity, they boast an impressive 100 feet which gives you a great signal wherever you are.

In terms of the Sound Quality on their own they are great but connect two together and they turn to the stereo sound and they really perform try playing some Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill Album and the vocals are crystal clear.  These speakers are the quality you might expect on your TV and they give you a rich bass and nail the high tones some songs give.

Overall these speakers are of a great design and the sound either using one or two have a fantastic sound the only negative I have is turning to stereo feature when using two can be a bit slow to do and you really need to grab the quick guide to learn how to do this but once you do this a few times it not a major issue. I had a few issues getting them to connect to my phone as I kept turning them off my mistake. That aside I think they are a great speaker and based on sound and design I would pay more than the under £40 price mark for this quality.  So if you want a speaker to last the day by the beach or when out and about give these a chance.

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