Back to School Special: My Passport Ultra-Portable Backup on the move.

Stephen Watson
September 4, 2018

External Hard Drive- from £69.99 with a 30-day money back guarantee from

When all that homework is building up and your concerned that you might need something extra to keep all them files safe welcome the My Passport Ultra by Western Digital.

This external hard drive is your passport to your files whenever and wherever you like. We opened the packaging to find a split design finish half metal and the other half white gloss finish the plastic drive and also get given a white USB 3.0 Type A cable and warranty manual. The drive is not massive and at 3.21 inches wide and 4.33 inches long it’s very portable.

The Device itself has storage up to 4TB and also comes with backup and security software which you can password protect your files which is a great idea if you happened to lose the drive.

So why would you need it?  

Well the My Passport Ultra allows you to store securely photos, video, music and documents and you can also set this up so it updates at a scheduled time and you can even set the frequency it backs up personally I like a once a week back-up.

On top of storing files, it also has two additional features being the social media/cloud storage import which preserves your online life by backing up all images, videos you have posted. The other feature there is a password protection using a 256 Bit AES hardware encryption making sure your backup is super safe. You also get a 3-year limited warranty just in case the worst happens.  

When it’s in action the drive speed is not bad granted there are faster on the market but it’s not slow either so being a mid-range product in terms of speed its worth considering.  I got speeds of 91 MB read and 88 Write speeds so for backing up your online life it does the trick.

So overall would I buy this product yes for £66.99 it’s not crazy expensive and for a storage solution it’s reliable and checking reviews from customers it’s not a bad brand. If your looking for super fast backup this is not for you but me personally that not a big issue and it’s not slow I just know some people want even faster. The two additional feature in the shape of the password protection and easy to use backup software and the social media back up its worth a purchase to know your safe so that dreaded file happens to disappear you have it on your back up so for a peace of mind product it’s worth the £66.99 for anyone looking for a large backup solution.

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