Doro 8035 – Review- A phone even my Nan could use!

Stephen Watson
October 25, 2018

The Doro 8035 is a smartphone designed for the senior market but is it any good?

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With hundreds of Smartphones coming out with an increasing amount of technology what happens to the senior market and what are the seniors using in the mobile world. In comes Doro the leader in this sector and we been given the chance to review the Doro 8035.

For the senior market, Doro has nailed it with this phone it gives anyone with a basic understanding of technology will be able to use this phone with ease. In terms of design I like it, it looks smart and I would think my granddad would look quite cool with the 8035 in hand.

The outer back casing is made of plastic and is a charcoal blue colour. Its a light phone in regards to weight but very durable than many alternatives on the market. The phone has both a front and back camera and on the back also has the space for the emergency button. This is a great tool for the seniors in case of emergency and will alert the number programmed in for help something key for a senior phone.

The Operating system is an Android 7.1.2 which is the simplistic enough to work with the Doro phone the phone also has apps like google play store where you can download any apps to making using the phone even better.

The Battery use on the phone is not bad the 2500 mAH battery lasted the entire weekend which brought my dad back to memories of his old Nokia 3310 which had a battery power that lasted weeks.

The Spec

Operating System: Android 7.1

Processor: Snapdragon 410

Screen: 12.7 cm

Resolution: 720 x 1280 

Memory: 2GB

Internal Memory: 16 GB

External Memory: 32GB with Micro SD

Water- Resistance- NO

Rear Camera: 5 MegaPixel

Front Camera: Single

Video:  NO

What We Say

The 8035 is a similar shape as a majority of smartphones out today so it would not look like its a seniors phone. Its 5inch screen also allows you to see the phone and use it with ease.  What makes this phone different is the set up it’s so simple for a senior to use with a step by step guide as you set up the phone. I think this is great for a senior market as it makes set up in understandable chunks.

For someone who is not great at setting up a phone, my father managed to set up the phone in quite a fast manner.  The set up even lets you change the font size, volume and even set the colour for colour blind users. In terms of memory, you get a 16GB internal storage which for what a senior would use the phone for is plenty. You can use a memory card if Granddad or Granny has a lot of pictures on their phone.

The doro interface has a strong presence on the handset and the easy mode takes it back to basics with 3 simple options call, view, send. If your someone that is used to other phones by using the enhanced mode this allows you to use the phone like another android but with larger icons and bigger font for the doro user. One benefit this phone uses is the chance to use an inbuilt voice input for help if you struggle with dexterity.

Overall, please remember this phone is for people 65+ or these in the senior market who have never really used a phone this is a great phone for its target market. My only issue would be sending a text of a doro is a longer process then it should and could be changed.  Apart from that its a great phone for the seniors.

Manufacture View

The versatile Doro 8035 offers a great experience for both Android users and first-time smartphone owners. Unlike other smartphones, it allows you to choose between a traditional Android interface and Doro’s highly intuitive, action-based interface that makes navigating brilliantly simple. It also keeps track of the actions you use most often. Even better, the Doro 8035 comes with Google Assistant’, a powerful personal assistant that responds to your voice. There is also a built-in assistance button enabling direct contact with providers of emergency or convenience services in your area.


So this phone is a nice phone that gives its elder readers a bright easy to read the screen with plenty of volume and great features and with a normal smartphone look this is a great buy for the over 65’s.

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