Back to School Special: Zappar App & AR Kids Book -Bringing stories to life

Stephen Watson
September 5, 2018

This amazing little AR Children’s book is available from £5.99 from Waterstones.  

Here at What Mobile as you know we sometimes are asked to review all sorts of items and today was no different.  With it being the School holidays we understand homework is left to the last min but as a father of two sons reading is so important. However, as they get older you need to keep them entertained.

So we have been given a chance to review a book!

This is not the normal book you find every day in the library but this is a modern pop up book using AR technology brought you by the company Zappar. The booked called the boy with his head stuck in a book is a story aimed at 7 to 12-year-olds in my view.

I really love this it brings bedtime reading to a new level when you download the free Zappar App and then scan the pages that have the little Zap Flag the augmented reality app comes to life once you hover your phone over the page. When that happens the characters move and make sounds and come to life on your phone my sons and I both love it as it gives me what important quality time with both of my kids and as a father who does not see his kids 24/7 and only on the weekend I just loved this!

The story is of a young boy who has become bored with reading and then gets his head trapped in a magical book and is taken on adventures.  So as you pass each page hold your phone with the app on over each page and the pictures turn into 3D versions. You get sound and movement and if you rotate the phone something different happens.

The Zappar app is just so easy to use simply hold the camera over the page and bingo. As mentioned before I really love this app and the book it brought me quality time with my sons. It’s a great story and I really hope more stories are out soon. For £5.99 this is a steal and for any parent who wants to make reading time fun, this app is for you!

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