Artificial intelligence makes the big lunge into fitness apps

Matthew Cook
June 26, 2018

The worlds first AI powered Perfect Squat Challenge app transforms your iPhone

The new fitness app by Kaia Health in conjunction with physiotherapists and sport scientists turns your iPhone into a personal trainer helping you to achieve the perfect squat.

the AI-powered motion tracking technology works without the necessity of additional hardware, even though the virtual personal trainer offers real-time feedback.

The app is free to download and once opened a pleasant virtual personal trainer Kaia greets you with the first lesson in squat proficiency. The user places their iPhone down and steps back seven feet for optimal data collation.

Tracking 16 key points across the body utilising the phones camera stream, the app contrasts this to the ideal redefined pose using metrics relative to the positions of your limbs and joints for the optimum squat.

Kaia Health Head of AI Lab Maximilian Strobel said: “Breakthroughs in AI-powered motion tracking and correction technology means that everyone now has access to a virtual personal trainer and physiotherapist on their iPhone – and can perfect exercises such as the squat.

“In the future, this technology will integrate within our medical device apps for diseases and conditions such as back pain creating a scalable, cost-effective therapeutic tool. This democratises access to high- quality, bespoke fitness, rehabilitation and physiotherapy – and could reduce the burden on health services.”

The Perfect Squat Challenge app is already free and available for download on every iPad and iPhone released after 2015.

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