Innovative Solutions That Will Change Online Dating

Maria Biz
June 23, 2020

Dating sites are always on the cutting edge of technology. They helped to revolutionize the inclusion of voice messaging and video chat along with the concept of chatting with multiple people at once. Yet, we have to wonder, what is the future of online dating going to look like? This site has shared with us some innovative solutions that will change dating technology in the future.

Face Recognition Technology

The first form of innovation that you can count on seeing for dating sites in the future is facial recognition technology. The reason that this will be seen in the future is to help crackdown on the people that are pretending to be someone else on the dating site. These individuals “catfish” a person who is falling in love with them while actually being played for a fool. So, a facial recognition addition to a dating site will make sure that your face matches the one that is in your profile pictures. That will cut down on these catfishing attempts and let people find and date people that are honest and open about the sorts of relationships that they want. Another reason to have face recognition technology is that too many people can get access to another person’s profile and wreak havoc. Thus, having facial recognition can act as a passcode, keeping your profile much safer than ever before.

Matching DNA Code

Another thing that is going to be a little more in-depth and invasive is the use of DNA in dating. Dating sites are going to use DNA in many ways according to the experts. One of the ways that you’ll see this happen is when people are requesting DNA tests to see a variety of things. First off, they want to ensure that they’re not related to their dates. That is not only illegal, but it can be harmful to potential children. Secondly, the DNA that a person tests with can give you insight into their culture. The shared heritage that someone has could forge a powerful link between the two of you, or it could be used to ensure that you’re creating a more diverse lineage. A third reason that DNA could be used is to ensure that both you and your partner don’t carry genes that could result in a child with a devastating disease. Some ailments are carried recessively through their parents, and if two people got together it could result in a poor outcome. All in all, DNA tests are going to be more difficult to introduce to dating.

Getting in Touch Through Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is going to become the new reality for online dating. Some sites and associated companies are already preparing to make the leap. This will involve the two users wearing a headset that will project them into a virtual environment where they can interact with their date. Imagine being able to have a date at the top of the Eiffel Tower from the comfort of home? That will be a distinct possibility when you use virtual reality for dating. Not only will you and your date be able to interact more online, but the things that you can do will also be increased greatly. The two of you can really get used to one another’s personality instead of just chatting and not learning enough about them. You’ll figure out their quirks and tone of speaking, so when your relationship goes further there will not be any confusion. It’s going to be a fantastic way for people to date in the future, and technology is not too far away from being useful in this manner.

The future of online dating is one that will save people a lot of problems. Not only can you count on meeting people that are who they say they are, but they will also be a great way for you to connect with members of a specific culture. They will also implement virtual reality, bringing people close than ever before no matter where they are around the world. While not every site is going to have all of these changes and they might not all happen at once, the future of online dating is going to be radically different and better.

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