6 Best Video Editing Applications And Software To Enhance Your Work

Alexandra Stan
July 2, 2020

All of us agree on common ground about the shooting. Cameras and lights are essential to create a video but a sound editing platform is equally necessary. The editing helps us to add details and emphasize the shots which we want to highlight. It helps to create stylish and engaging content. If you have a good knowledge of the best applications used for editing, you will undoubtedly create good work.

Video editing software also helps to create a cohesive flow with the help of stills and raw shots. It gives a high-end look to the project, and it looks engaging. There are many editing applications available on the internet in different budgets. It is quite challenging to choose one among them due to a lack of knowledge. Thus, we have come up with a list of some best video editing software which will make your task easier.

So, without delaying further, let us have a look at the video editing software of the year.

1. Video Creek

Video creek is easy to get an option. Apart from being simple to use, it is also budget-friendly. It is free software. For using it, you don’t have to download any application or install anything. You can directly use it by going to its website. You can use this for editing video, creating intro videos, creating end screen videos, etc.

Besides, there are several templates available on the website. You can go through all of them (as many as you desire) and pick your choice. After finalizing your model, you can customize it according to your need. It gives a professional look to your work. It will look mesmerizing and meaningful at the same time.

Apart from being pocket-friendly, it still helps to create high-quality intro videos. You can publish the projects made on this software on any platform. From Facebook, YouTube, Instagram to any other site, it will support all of them.

2. iMovie

It is another editing platform available for free. It can also be the right choice. It has various filters and effects to make your video look excellent. It allows to add transition effects and control the speed of the video too. 

Moreover, it is a good selection if you want to make a basic video. It provides a free trial option, but later, the user has to pay on a monthly basis for a pro plan.

3. Shotcut

Shotcut is a very trouble-free program. Apart from the video filters, it also serves the audience with audio filters. This is one more platform that is good for basic use. It provides a lot of effects, but using it for Facebook or YouTube is not a good idea. This software is also free for its users.

4. Magisto

It is one of the most easy-to-use software. The user needs to select the sound and the content and upload it. The software will automatically create a video with the utmost creativity. The only barrier is that you cannot rule the order of the image. So, I recommend using it only when your stills and clips have an excellent flow irrespective of the order.

This platform also limits the length of the video concerning the selected budget. There are different plans available. The best one starts at 9.99$ per month.

5. InVideo

It is a free application that comes with a lot of things to offer its customers. It has inbuilt background music and a wide variety of effects and filters. You can use this platform to create videos for Facebook or Instagram. It gives a high-quality look to the video. It does not provide inbuilt templates or models yet; it is simple to use.

6. Adobe premiere pro

You can address Adobe premiere pro as the second level of the advanced version of Adobe Premiere clip. It is a professional software and not suitable for complete beginners. Before using this application, make sure you have some experience of some basic form.

This kind of application is useful for official work. It helps to create high-end videos, and you can upload them on any platform. It comes with a lot of effects and options

This platform has various plans and covers most of them at 40$ per month.

To make the video look engaging and attractive, just cameras and raw footage is not enough. The professionals understand this very clearly. Hence they spend enough time in the editing process too. So, after getting acquainted with some of the best video editing platforms, you are ready to use them. According to your work, choose the one that suits you. Irrespective of the choice that you make, don’t overuse any feature. It will make your work look overfilled with effects rather than content.

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