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Molly Evans
July 2, 2020

Craps is a common game in casinos, and that is also one of the most complex options available. For those new to the world of online craps, the game may seem overwhelming and confusing to understand. Therefore, they tend to opt for simpler table games, such as blackjack for iphone because it’s much easier. However, with a little guidance, anyone can follow the rules of craps so that they can take full advantage of the casinos already available and the new casinos that offer this game and thus enhance their overall online gambling experience.

Brief summary and rules of the game

In appearance, craps are very simple: players bet on the result of two dice being thrown. It is useful to remember this simplistic definition when considering the possibility of playing craps for the first time. Obviously, it seems much more complicated, but the basic notions are easy to understand.

So with those basics in mind, let’s move on to how online gambling usually works at the best online casinos. Players are organized as follows:

  • The game begins with player A, who is in charge of throwing the dice.
  • If Player A pitches and wins, he can continue to pitch.
  • If Player A throws and loses, the next player to play will be the one next to him in a clockwise direction.
  • Player A also has the option to stop rolling the dice anytime he wants.
  • The new shooter must bet the minimum of the craps table.

This is all regarding the organization of the game.

Now, a little terminology about online craps

  • Roll Out: The first roll, with which the game begins.

  • Hard way (or hard play) refers to when a 4, a 6, an 8, or a 10 comes out, adding the same result in both dice. For example, if on die 1 a 2 comes up and ondie 2 a 2 comes up, it would be a hard 4.

  • Easy way (or soft play) refers to the opposite of the roll we have described before. For example, if on die 1 a 3 comes up and ondie 2 a 1 comes up, it would be a smooth 4.

Okay, now that you have the jargon under control, let’s move on to the reason why you are looking for the best casinos to play craps online.

There are two types of online craps bets that you have to know:

  • The pass line bet, which is the simplest in the game. This bet is made before the exit roll. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, your pass line bet wins. However, if a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, your pass line bet loses.
  • The line bet does not pass, which is the opposite of the previous one. If the roll is a 7 or an 11, this type of bet loses, but if it is a 2, a 3 or a 12, it wins. Players who opt for this type of bet are often referred to as “bad bettors” because, in essence, what they do is a bet against the shooter.

These two bets are the most basic, but you will have already noticed that they only give results (whether positive or negative) in a small number of numbers. What happens if the result of the roll is not a 7, an 11, a 2, a 3, or a 12? Very simple: it establishes a point. This is when your betting options get a little more difficult to understand … but also more enjoyable!

Some more tips for playing online craps

Bet on site. With this sort of betting, you are able to bet on the numbers 4 to 10. This bet wins if the number you have chosen comes before a seven.

Bet on site against. Well, as you can imagine, this is the opposite of the previous one. You bet on the same numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), but the bet wins if the seven comes before the number you have chosen.

Exit bets. It is identical to the pass line bet with respect to the numbers that are bet but can be done at any time. This type of bet is sometimes referred to as an ‘odds bet’.

No exit bets. It is identical to the do not pass line bet with respect to the numbers that are bet, but, as in the previous case, it can be made at any time. As you can imagine, this type of bet is also known as a “no odds bet”.

There are a few other options, but we’ll talk about them below, as we dig deeper into our tips for making the most of your time playing craps at the best online casinos.

Tricks to win at online craps

Like most table games, craps is a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have some control over what happens during the game. Here are the tips you need to get the most out of your craps betting experience.

1. Use the pass line bet

The pass line bet we’ve already described is by far your best bet. The house edge in this type of betting is only 1.41%, so remember to use this bet when you play online craps.

2. Go for multiples of $ 6

It may sound strange, but this tip is based on statistics. If you play multiples of $ 6 ($ 6, $ 12, $ 24 … I guess you understand where we are going), place your bet on the site on the 6 or 8. Why? The house edge in multiples of six is ​​a paltry 1.52%.

3. Avoid proposition bets

Do you remember what we said about talking about other types of bets in this section? Well, this is the case, since we want to talk to you about proposition bets … and advise you not to opt for them, ever. Proposition bets depend on a single roll of the dice. But they have a very negative impact on your overall craps strategy. Why do we say this? It’s very simple: the house edge could make your hair stand on end, so if you’re new to craps, you should avoid it at all costs.

4. Avoid certain hard bets

One of the complexities of craps is that some numbers have a much higher house edge than others, so it makes sense to avoid placing bets on these numbers. Two of these numbers are Hard 4 and Hard 10, which have a house edge of over 10%. Considering that some bets (like pass line bets) have a house edge equal to one-tenth of that amount, it is clear that you should avoid betting on a hard 4 or a hard 10.

5. Consider making two exit bets with a pass line bet

This is a very popular strategy and works as follows: You make a pass line bet, as usual, before the roll comes out. Then you make two bets after the first. This implies that you have three numbers in your favour, and if you get a winning bet, you can add another one to make sure that you always have three options on the table.

Frequently asked questions about online craps

How do you find the best online craps deals?

At a reputable casino, it is their main goal to present you online craps that offer the best casino experience on the Internet depending on your wishes, interests and needs. So you don’t have to do your own research to find a reputable provider where you can play online craps for free or for real money.

Can you play real money craps?

Yes, you can play craps online for real money or at the land-based casino. The online craps casinos presented by us enable you to play the game in both practice and real money modes. So you are fully able to play real money craps from your home or anywhere on your computer or with your mobile devices.

Is everything going well with the online game?

Craps is based exclusively on chance and luck. The dice results are generated in trustworthy casinos by random generators (RNG). The RNG is fundamentally checked by the game provider, partly also by the online casino provider itself, by independent organizations such as eCOGRA or iTech Labs to prove that everything is actually going well.

What are the possible winnings?

Craps is not only a popular real money game because of its tension, but also because of the casino’s low house edge. In the actual craps game, you can win your double bet, get your money back, or lose your bet. But there are also many different side bets on offer, where the winning options vary. Of course, it also depends on your commitment.

Can you play safely online?

Yes, in reputable casinos recommended by the experts you play under safe and trustworthy conditions. They test all casinos several times and only recommend casinos with sufficient security standards when it comes to the matter of playing real money craps.

Are Online Craps Cheated?

With reputable providers, fraud in online craps can be excluded. You can usually recognize a trustworthy provider by the quality seals on his website. The most important indication of serious business practices is a European gaming license. Many providers also get certified by independent companies such as GLI, iTech Labs, or eCOGRA to prove that they work seriously and do not manipulate games.

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