Preview: Wordeo brings words to life on your iPhone

Jamie Feltham
January 14, 2014

Ever find that your text messages are bit, well, wordy? Wish you could spruce up greetings, updates and sick notes with some video-aid? Then Wordeo, a new app for iPhone, could be for you.

Wordeo is aiming to take on the likes of Vine and Instagram with its unique video messaging service. It’s sort of like a word association game; you type your message and then the app assigns two second video clips to each word. It will then appear as a slideshow when you share it in-app, on Facebook, Twitter or via email. You might type, “What Mobile is the best”, (you might!). You’d then get a clip of a man scratching his head for What, followed by someone using a mobile phone for mobile (duh) and perhaps a trophy for best. Get it?

Take a look at an example up top for a better look.

A partnership with Getty is in place, so Wordeo already has a host of stock clips in its database. Each word will have a number of clips assigned to it, so you’ll be able to personalise to a degree. Better yet, you’ll be able to upload your own videos and use a basic in-app editor to assign them to specific words. You’ll be able to tell your own personal stories and make short films complete with your very own footage.

Once put together, messages can be customised in a number of different ways. Music tracks can be fiddled with so you might want to find a more fitting guitar solo for your journey to work, while twenty different fonts are available. We didn’t confirm if ‘Comic Sans’ would be ready for the more wacky users out there. As for limits, the cap is currently aiming to be just under 30 seconds per Wordeo, which means you have about 14 clips to use each time. Think of it as shooting, editing and releasing a movie all in the space of a few minutes.

While Wordeo has access to both Twitter and Facebook in-app, it also has its very own feed where you can share your messages and see your friends. There’s even a popular feed for trending Wordeos, which gives this the potential to be the next Vine in terms of sharing ridiculous clips with friends.

Wordeo is launching on iOS for iPhone and iPod Touch today and is compatible for both versions 6 and 7, though the makers promise it’s just the beginning. There are plans for an iPad-specific app as well as the obvious expansion to Android, but that’s all just pipeline stuff for now. Need a better look? The company is already uploading its favourite Wordeos to a Youtube channel, and has its own site to go with it.

Other than that you can download it here. Yes, it’s free.

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