What can we expect from the Apple event?

Manny Pham
March 21, 2016

Apple will be holding an event today, so we’re going to throw at you what we think is going to be unveiled in a baptism of glossy Apple white.

Not saying that all the devices that will be unveiled will be white, but you get what I mean. There has already been plenty of leaks coming up to this event, with one device in particularly that’s been all over the Internet already. But before we get to that we’re going to go through what exactly there is to expect from the American tech juggernauts.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE, 5SE, 6C or whatever it’s going to be called, will be Apple’s newest 4-inch device. It’s been over a year since the iPhone 5C has been launched, so it makes sense to see Apple top up. The iPhone SE is expected to replace the 5S (no more 5S, sad times) to offer consumers who desire iOS on a smaller scale. Rumours tell of a new 12 megapixel camera, but what has got everyone in a tizzy is that it will be 14% thinner. This could be in due to Apple’s desire to get rid of the headphone jack, so don’t expect one on the SE.

Apple Watch 2

Its no secret the Apple Watch didn’t really kick off the way it was supposed to. This was down to lack of true innovation from Apple; the Apple Watch is an impressive device and does well to be an extensions of your iPhone, but that’s all it is. It doesn’t run native apps and requires the iPhone to be of any use, apart from telling the time. I wouldn’t be moaning so much if it wasn’t so damn expensive, but it really is a piggy bank smasher. So can we expect a new Apple Watch to be announced? Most likely no because it’s a bit soon and it wouldn’t make financial sense. But what we can expect for the wearable is new straps that will no doubt sport colours, “never been done before.”

iPad Air 3

Time is also the reason for this expectation as it’s been a whole year since the iPad Air 2’s release. It’s rumoured Apple will be bringing the power of the iPad Pro into the diminutive 9.7-inch, iPAd Air screen. This means a new A10 chipset or even more likely the A9X chipset used in the original Pro tablet. If the upgrade is as substantial as we think, we could be seeing Apple Pencil integration. Will it be the iPad Air 3? iPad Air Pro? iPad Supernova Galactic Evolution Air? Not long until we know.

Potential surprises

Virtual Reality is the in thing at the moment with a lot of company’s hopping on board. Apple aren’t ones to be left behind and will doubt eventually get on the VR wagon. But is now the time? Yes to keep up appearances and not be perceived as slow to the game, but Apple could just wait it out to see the public responds to the HTC Vive and other VR offerings.

The iconic  and classic iPod will forever have a place in fellow oldies such as myself. Do away with the touchscreen and bring back the wheel. No distractions and just pure music would be bliss. If there was an upgrade to be made, a DAC converter wouldn’t go amiss for those with expensive headphones.

Watch the Apple Event here at 5pm GMT.

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