WATCH: Xiaomi turns Android into iOS 7 with its MIUI software update

Saqib Shah
August 18, 2014

Xiaomi has got pulses racing in the West with its sleek new handsets that boast flagship specs at mid-range prices. While we wait for the likes of the Mi4 to make it to these shores, Xiaomi has got tongues wagging again with the most recent update to its MIUI software.

As you can see in the video above, the latest MIUI update makes Xiaomi’s Android devices look even more like they’re running iOS 7. This isn’t just Xiaomi’s latest attempt to emulate the Cupertino-based tech giant – commentators have pointed out Xiaomi’s minimal product launches, which channel the days of Steve Jobs taking to the stage in his normcore outfits. The Chinese manufacturer first started aping iOS with its MIUI 5 update, before the launch of iOS 7.

MIUI is now four years young and has continually given the frankly quite dull Android OS a fresh coat of paint with each new upgrade.

The latest, MIUI 6, is gunning for iOS 7 with its bright new colours and flat design. The new update also improves upon its core features with the ability to identify calls from unknown numbers, gesture control support for larger devices, and new notification functions such as pop-ups that appear at the top of the screen.


Xiaomi recently came under fire for its Mi Cloud online services, which up until this new update didn’t have an opt-in function. This led to security concerns, with some commentators accusing the company of unauthorised data access.

The company’s Global VP, Hugo Barra, apologised for the matter and has also been vocal about the likeness of his firm’s software to iOS, claiming that Xiaomi doesn’t copy Apple but instead sees it as an inspiration.

If you like the look of MIUI 6, you can download its home screen for selected Android devices here.

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