WATCH: Microsoft revolutionises Skype with real-time translation feature

Saqib Shah
May 28, 2014

Microsoft used the currently ongoing Code Conference in California to unveil a forthcoming cool update to its Skype software; real-time audio and text-based language translation.

In the demo video above, Skype translates a conversation between two Microsoft employees – in English and German – almost live.

The feature will roll out gradually across Skype software starting later this year. It will first be available on the Windows 8 beta app before the end of 2014.

One person that enjoyed the feature was Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who was joined on stage at the conference by Gurdeep Pall (CVP of Skype) to unveil the demo video.

It’s easy to see how the new feature could appeal to business users in particular, and general users of the service too.

Additionally, analysts are already expecting Microsoft’s competitors to roll out the function on their respective video calling services. So is it just a matter of time before we see real-time translation on Google Hangouts and Apple FaceTime calls?

Skype currently has more than 300 million connected users each month, who indulge in more than 2 billion minutes of conversation a day.


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