WATCH: A first look at Kairos watch, ‘the Hublot of smartwatches’, in motion

Callum Tennent
May 20, 2014

Earlier this month we were very excited to reveal to you a first look at the Kairos watch. Whilst its description by its creator Sam Yang as ‘the Hublot of smartwatches’ is more than a touch ambitious, there’s no denying that the device looks a whole lot fancier than your average wearable. Now, we finally know a little bit more about it.

It seems that the device currently runs Kairos’ own SmartOS, but the team are dedicated to bringing it to the Android Wear platform as soon as possible. It will connect with your device via Bluetooth 4.0 thus allowing push notifications from apps like Twitter, as well as receiving text and call notifications.

Kairos - range

Kairos already has plans for future builds of the device, which would include a 60% opacity display (an increase on the 40% in the upcoming first release) thus allowing static icons. How they’ll function we don’t know, but we do know that you won’t have to hesitate about buying early as your Kairos will be upgradeable.

We also know that the  ARM Cortex  M4-powered, 1.4-inch display will get 5-7 days of life off of a single charge due to it not always being illuminated.

What’s  really exciting though is two things: firstly, you can pre-order the Kairos right now from their website for insane discounts (on what is an admittedly pricey device), and secondly, you can now see the watch in motion in the company’s first press video. It’s just renderings for now, but it should be enough to keep you excited until a solid model is released. Head back up to the top of the page to check it out.

Kairos - physical specs

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