For the first time ever Apple allows app developers to issue free redeemable codes for in-app purchases

Callum Tennent
May 20, 2014

Real Racing 3 is one of the most popular games on the iOS app store, and with good reason. It’s gorgeous to look at, fun and intuitive to play, and is absolutely huge in terms of scope. Not only that, but it should be held up as the benchmark of how freemium titles should work. Whilst the game offers plenty to gamers intent on not spending a penny, it still offers a viable and rewarding system of in-app purchases. It’s still not our favourite system in the world, but at least the game encompassing it is extremely well made.

It’s fitting then that Real Racing 3 should be the precedent-setting title at the heart of this story. For the first time ever, Apple is allowing the game’s developer (Firemonkeys) and publisher (EA) to give out codes for in-app purchases. These codes can be redeemed in-game in exchange for 10 gold, which would ordinarily have a monetary value of $1.99.

It’s certainly a nice idea, and a good show of faith from the developers that they’re willing to give away a little to the tentative consumer with the potential to gain a lot more in the future. After all, there’s very little way to tell how far your IAP will go unless you actually take the plunge and purchase it.

Up until this point on iOS the only redeemable codes permitted would be for full titles. Users can go into their App Store app, scroll to the bottom and find the ‘Redeem’ button. It’s unclear if Apple will allow other developers to do this in the future, or if this offer will simply be a one-time thing. The answer may be in how successful the promotion is, which will run until August 1st and is only available to consumers in the USA.


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