WATCH: You can now text on your Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch, thanks to Fleksy

Callum Tennent
June 19, 2014

We were lukewarm on the Samsung Gear 2. That’s really the only way of putting it. It’s certainly not a bad smartwatch, it’s just that you get the feeling that there’s a lot more untapped potential for the device out there. The Gear 2 has just now taken a major step towards reaching that potential – thanks to Fleksy. Fleksy is better known to most mobile users as a third-party keyboard for Android. Its hook is a considerably larger typing area, with keys 114% larger than those found on the standard Android keyboard. It also happens to have an extremely intelligent and reliable autocorrect feature. This is where Fleksy for the Gear 2 comes in. Fleksy is the first app available for the device which allows you to send texts via traditional capacitative input (the Gear 2 has the default ability to send them via a limited template or inaccurate S Voice commands). Of course, the problem with a QWERTY keyboard on a smartwatch is that it is inevitably far too small to type accurately on. With Fleksy, though, that’s the whole point. You simply type away as you would on a traditional touch-device, and Fleksy uses its smart autocorrect to fix up all of your inevitable mistakes. It’s probably the best way that any messaging app could work around the obvious difficulties in messaging from a smartphone whilst remaining intuitive, and since it’s currently the only option available it’s an automatic must-have for any Gear 2 owner. Check out the trailer at the top of the page to see exactly how it works. Source

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