Voicemail on WhatsApp rendering call app useless

Manny Pham
April 28, 2016

We covered on how insignificant the call/phone app is becoming, now WhatsApp may be introducing voicemail.

WhatsApp seem to be edging closer to being the only communication app you’ll ever need, with a leak suggesting the Facebook owned app will introduce voicemail.

Phone Radar provided screenshots of WhatsApp supposed new feature, although the source of the screenshots has not been revealed. Voice calls are already available on WhatsApp, so is the feature to leave voice notes in conversations.

So why use it?

It doesn’t seem necessary to integrate voicemails into WhatsApp, but it’s a nice addition that can get users to strictly use WhatsApp for communication.

There is an incentive to use voicemails on WhatsApp than the traditional app. According to the leak you’re able to record the voicemail, listen to it and mull it over a bit. Shaky voicemails are common and everyone can surely relate, you’ve probably hit notes you never knew you could until you left that embarrassing voicemail for that job interview.

WhatsApp has released a lot of great updates to their services, including end-to-end encryption and file sharing. Now if only they would catch up and support GIFs, then we can really see WhatsApp being the true de facto choice for communicating.

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Via Phone Radar.

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