Uswitch offers advice on half-term roaming fees

Megan Robinson
October 17, 2022

Uswitch also has a guide explaining roaming charges

Uswitch is offering advice on roaming fees to consumers and families who are planning to travel abroad this half-term.

Roaming fees have been introduced by a number of major and small networks, so travellers are being encouraged to check their phone contracts and ensure they don’t receive any unexpected charges.

Catherine Hiley, mobile expert at has come up with some tips for consumers to follow when they travel abroad.

1. Check the costs and plan ahead, as every provider has a different price and plan for roaming depending on which country you are visiting. O2 is one of the only providers that do not charge for EU roaming.

2. Use WiFi wherever possible as it is the easiest and cheapest way to avoid roaming fees.

3. Make sure your phone is in flight mode and data roaming is switched off when on the plane to avoid any unexpected charges while flying through different countries.

4. Check your phone providers fair usage policy to find out how much free data you can use before you encounter extra fees.

5. Download any films, tv shows or music before travelling so you can access entertainment on flight without connecting to the internet or using your data.

6. Beware of voicemail as some networks may charge for even listening to a voicemail on holiday.

7. Consider going SIM only if you are a frequent traveller or staying abroad for a few weeks. A no-contract or one-month rolling SIM offers plenty of data and can be cancelled any time if you do opt for a rolling SIM.

8. Roaming charges should be limited to a maximum of £45 a month anywhere in the world and your provider should let you know when you are near this limit. A roaming add-on to your plan could help you save money.

9. If going on a cruise, check if you will receive a WiFi package to avoid roaming charges when travelling at sea. At-sea services are said to be more expensive than if you were on land.

10. Consider renting a second mobile number for your phone as an internet phone service allows you to receive incoming calls and texts for free.



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