Update coming to the LG G Watch to stop it from burning your wrist, which is nice

Callum Tennent
August 4, 2014

Oh dear, it’s this again. It would seem that yet another manufacturer has manage to put a shiny, expensive, high-tech new piece of wearable kit out into the realm of public consumption blissfully unaware that it can actually  cause damage to your skin.

The last time we saw this was with the Fitbit Force, which in a number of incidents led to contact dermatitis. Fitbit immediately issued a recall, to its credit. This time, though, the fault rests with LG.

The LG G Watch is the company’s much-vaunted Android Wear smartwatch. There’s been quite a bit of attention around it too, seeing as it’s one of the first two devices to be released running Google’s new wearable operating system. Whilst most of that attention has been positive, this, unfortunately, is not.

It seems that on a small number of devices, the G Watch’s exposed charging pins (the small gold dots that you can see in the main  image) retain a current. When put into contact with a sweaty wrist, this can trigger a reaction – leading to irritation, skin corrosion or even burning.

It’s rather visceral imagery, but rather minor in scale. That said, if you’re being affected by it then even a little bit of burning is too much. LG has acknowledged the problem and is rolling out a digital update which will be available for G Watch owners to download imminently.


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