Flappy Bird is making a comeback – on Amazon Fire TV, as a family-oriented multiplayer experience

Callum Tennent
August 4, 2014

Remember Flappy Bird? Of course you do, probably because media outlets such as ourselves here at What Mobile won’t let you forget about it.

Hell, the chances are you’re probably long over it. You probably moved on to a more recent tappy, snappy fad like 2048 or Timberman long ago. But, if you thought you’d kicked that Flappy addiction for good then we’ve got bad news for you (if you own an Amazon Fire TV set-top box).

DotGears, the indie gaming studio founded by Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen, is back with a new offering. Not  too new, mind you, as it’s essentially Flappy Bird – but multiplayer. It’s a split-screen version of the mobile sensation, designed for your whole family to enjoy. Hence its name, Flappy Birds Family.

It’s available for Fire TV users to download now from the Amazon App Store, and it’s still completely free.


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