Twitter hopes to increase revenues with its own ad network

Jordan O'Brien
October 14, 2013

If you’ve ever used a free app, then no doubt you’ve encountered advertising. More often than not that advertising is provided by an external ad network, like iAd on iOS. Twitter seems to be interested in this sort of model, hoping to use its recent acquisition of MoPub as a way of targeting advertising outside of the traditional twitter stream.

According to a report in the Financial Times, Twitter is developing an advertising network which developers can use to make money from their ads, it also plans on rolling this out to traditional websites as well.Of course Twitter is trying to be a little unique, targeting visitors based on what they tweet and who they follow, meaning you’re really going to begin getting some rather clever targeted ads — even more so than Facebook’s login-based advertising.

With the company’s IPO just around the corner, Twitter is trying to prove to Wall Street that it has what it takes to make money — especially considering it is currently dwarfed by that other social networking giant who went public, Facebook.

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