Tough holiday season ahead for HTC, company predicts

Jamie Feltham
November 5, 2013

It sounds like HTC is being realistic about the financial situation it’s currently in. The company has warned of a tough holiday season ahead in its Q4 predictions.

The predictions see a huge reduction year-over-year. In Q4 2012 the company took some $34 million in profit, and $2 billion in revenue. While predictions of profit or loss weren’t made, HTC did say that it expected to make between $1.36 billion and $1.53 billion over this holiday season.

Q3 2013 saw HTC make its first ever loss, so it’s no wonder the company declined to predict its results for this quarter. It does expect it’s gross margin to drop to around 20 percent as well, while earnings per share are thought to be around $0.01 – $0.06. Ouch.

All that said, the company remained positive in some areas. CEO Peter Chou commented that it had made good process this quarter. This is largely attributed to the HTC One Mini and Max models. Still, there’s no doubt that a tough holiday season is ahead for the company.

Source: The Verge

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