Target offers $200 gift cards for any iPad

Jordan O'Brien
November 5, 2013

You’ve just gone out and bought a shiny new iPad Air, or you’re at least considering buying one — but you’ve realised you haven’t got enough cash. Well it turns out you don’t have to chuck that old outdated first-generation iPad out the window, and instead you could get a $200 gift card in target no matter the state it’s in — as long as it works, powers on, and the screen isn’t too scratched or broken.

All you have to do to claim your $200 is to head into store and hand over your iPad, of course this one is for the Americans and not those here in Blighty. You have until November 9 to get your $200 gift card, and even though it’s still $299 shy of the new iPad Air, we’re sure you could still put it to good use.

Source: Target
Via: Engadget

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