Top iPhone 6s battery cases for Pokémon Go

Manny Pham
August 26, 2016

Battery consumption is a bane for any Pokemon Go player, so we looked far and wide to bring you the best iPhone 6s battery cases for Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go may be seeing a slow down at the moment, having seen a drop of 45 million active users to 35 million, prompting calls of “fads over” and “ah well, AR (augmented reality) was fun while it lasted.”

But it’s far from over for the record-breaking game. CEO of Niantic Labs, John Hanke said players have only experienced 10 percent of the game. Niantic Labs will be rolling out the 90% in future, such as Pokémon centres, trading and mythic (ultra rare) Pokémon. There’s still plenty to do as players are still discovering hidden features, such as Eevee’s evolution secret.

So for those of you who are still trying to be the very best, or at least evolve a Magikarp, read on to find out our top three iPhone 6/6s battery cases for Pokémon Go. The game as we know drains the life out of our smartphones like a very fun succubus. Pokémon Go makes use of the camera sensor and GPS to make the AR experience a reality.

Apple Smart Battery Case (£79)


Kicking things off is the official merchandise. We all know Apple for its quality and attention to detail. You can be guaranteed your money’s worth with products from the Cupertino-based company. Not surprisingly Apple has gone minimal in the design of the case with no patterns on the silicone exterior. Not even an LED light to see how much it has been charged, on the outside at least.

The LED light is present inside of the case, when having your iPhone 6/6s inserted, you can check the Smart Battery’s capacity in the notification bar. That’s the kind of optimisation you get from Apple’s ecosystem. It boasts a massive 20 hours of video play back and 18 hours of Internet use on 4G. As for the actual battery capacity, it’s an odd 1877, not that much more than the cases below, but offers plenty of life.

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve (£49.95)


A battery case for those that don’t want it to seem like they’re carrying around their pet turtle. I am of course referring to the camel’s hump you get in a lot of iPhone 6s battery cases. The Juice Pack does away with the hump, instead embracing the chunk all around, making it a hefty case. Its all smooth plastic and feels sturdy enough to survive a drop, always a bonus for a case.

Charging commences when you hold down on the power button behind, it can also be used to activate the LED lights, to inform you how much juice is left. It packs 1840mAh, adding around 60% extra life into your phone. At 100% with the iPhone’s battery you can get 22 hours of life. More than enough to hunt down Snorlax.

Tech21 Evo Endurance (£62.97 currently on sale)


Out of all the iPhone 6s battery cases, Tech21 offers the best protection. Accidentally bumping into another trainer is inevitable, especially when you both got your heads down. So why not get a case that not only keeps you topped up, but also protects your precious iPhone. Tech21 uses FlexShock, a technology that reduces to shockwaves sent to your iPhone when dropping it. Our pocket drop test barely phased the case or iPhone, Tech21 claim a drop from two metres is the limit, which we found out to be true.

The battery itself is 1800mAh offering up to 11 hours of extra video playback. It also adds around 60% of charge, further strengthening the endurance claim. Currently on sale so snap it up quick!

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