Apple iPhone 7 launch happening on September 7th

Manny Pham
August 30, 2016

The iPhone 7 launch is around the corner as Apple sent out invites for an event on September 7th. It’s expected to unveil the new iPhones and Apple Watch 2.

Invitations were sent out yesterday simply stating “See you on the 7th.” It will be the fifth consecutive year Apple has held a product launch in September. Considering the timing and pattern we are most definitely expecting the iPhone 7 and its iterations. Rumours and leaks are pointing to a device that will not deviate from last year’s design. We’re expecting newly placed antenna bands and possibly a return of an old colour scheme. Since iPhone 7 rumours began, the headphone jack has been the point of many discussions. Apple are expected to announce the omission of the 3.5mm headphone jack. A move some would not consider an upgrade.

But what we can welcome as an upgrade is the dropping of the 16GB standard model, bringing the base priced iPhone 7 to 32GB. Numerous Android manufacturers have adopted the new base 32GB this year. Water-resistance could also be on the cards, and a dual-camera for the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

Not just an iPhone 7 launch

We may be labelling it as the iPhone 7 launch, but Apple will definitely drop some other bombs during the press event. The expected second big announcement will centre around the Apple Watch 2. It has been well over a year since the original Apple Watch launched. The Apple Watch 2 is expected to retain the square design, improved processor and built-in GPS.

Apple’s MacBook line is also due for a refresh, the powerful notebook line will probably not get a mention at the September 7th press event. The MacBook line is deserving of its own launch event, which will definitely happen shortly after we digest the first launch.

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