Top five photo sharing apps that aren’t Instagram or Snapchat

Thomas Wellburn
May 29, 2015

Selfies. Everywhere. If you’re sick of the current selection of photo sharing apps on your phone, we’ve compiled a small list which should help replace them.

It seems everyone is using Instagram or Snapchat these days. Whether it be taking selfies, sending post-gym pics or even an inappropriate phallic image, these two apps rule the photo sharing social circle of the internet. But what if you’re completely sick of them? What if you’re a hipster with deep-rooted hatred for the mainstream and you want a suitable replacement that can be showcased to your friends without fear of embarrassment?

Leave that to Whatmobile as we’ve once again compiled another top five, this time looking at the best photo-sharing app alternatives for Instagram and Snapchat.

Circle (iOS only)


Released in January this year, Cirqle is a fairly new app that differentiates itself by allowing the user to create “Cirqles”. In principal, it works similar to what you might find on Google Plus, where a user has various groups of friends that can see differing amounts of information about themselves. You can create Cirqles for particular topics and share relevant photos to those people, ensuring an organised social system that keeps things all nicely categorised.

Path (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


On first impression Path seems like another Instagram clone, allowing you to create a photo stream and share it with others. However, where Path differs is in the details. Focused primarily as a private social network, you’re only allowed to share your stream with up to 50 friends, so you better choose them wisely.

Flickr (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)


As one of the first photo-sharing apps on the market, Flickr has developed a loyal following with hobbyists and professional photographers alike. Users can setup an account and share their photos with the world. One of the cool things about Flickr is the ability to search by specific copyright terms, such as Creative Commons licenses. This ensures that if you need a picture for commercial or web purposes, you won’t be getting an angry email demanding royalties.

Oggl (iOS, Windows Phone)


Having been on the market for quite a while, Oggl has always felt like a more advanced version of Instagram. With a much deeper interface and an emphasis on high-end photography, Oggl never quite captured the market like the more simplistic Instagram did. As such, the community hasn’t developed into a bunch of teenagers posting beach selfies and cooking photos. If you’re a keen photographer who wants the Instagram experience but can’t handle the community, Oggl is a great alternative.

500PX (Android, iOS)


500PX has always been contending with Flickr as the prime photography application for professionals. Having existed back in 2003, it’s actually older than its competitor despite never quite enjoying the success. Still, in recent years popularity for 500PX has exploded thanks to the quality of the photographs being produced by the community. Pitched as a premium app for professional photographers, 500PX is free to sign up for a standard account with usage limitations. You can share photos, comment on photos and follow your favourite photographers for inspiration.

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