Top five FREE smartphone games (July 13 – July 19)

Thomas Wellburn
July 24, 2015

Mobile gaming is an industry that only keeps getting bigger. Games act as a perfect companion for those stressful morning commutes or short journeys. However, with the wealth of titles on offer it can be a little daunting to separate the good from the bad.

We’ve got another Top Five for you! Just as we did last week, here’s our rundown of the top five best free mobile games for July 13th – July 19th:

Age of Empires : Castle Siege (iOS and Windows Phone)

age of empires

Age of Empires: Castle Siege doesn’t exactly live up to the Age of Empires name but it’s still a good game nonetheless. Taking inspiration from titles such as clash of clans, you’re put in control of an empire and must protect your fortress from enemy attack. At the beginning of the game, you start with a limited number of resources and must construct special buildings in order to generate more. Once you start to build up a stockpile, you can use them to build military structures and start pumping out units.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (Android and iOS)

dragon ball

Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle mixes classic board game/ card collector themes with some action packed fighting elements straight from the cartoons. You’ll get the opportunity to collect all the characters from the TV series and create your perfect team, which you’ll then use to beat up everyone else. Battles typically involve plenty of tapping to invoke attacks, with all the dazzling OTT effects that we all love from the original series. A great tie-in.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Android and iOS)

mission impossible

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is a film tie-in of the upcoming movie. As a gallery shooter, you’ll be ducking in and out of cover and killing terrorists where possible. Dragging your finger will move the camera for a better view of the battlefield, while tapping the on-screen buttons allows you to shoot. Aiming down the sight is useful for enemies that are far away and the graphics are pretty decent. While it won’t win any awards for originality, it’s a quick and easy game that’s fun to dive into during a commuting session.

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing (Android, iOS and Windows Phone)

top speed

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing is a typical drag racing title with good graphics and simplistic gameplay. Taping the screen to shift gears at the correct moment is about as complicated as it gets, with only bit of challenge coming from achieving a perfect start. With 69 semi-licensed cars and 5 different city districts to ‘capture’, there’s no shortage of content. It also has a great customisation elements complete with a livery editor and plenty of performance upgrades. A perfect title to dip in and out of while moving around.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf (Android and iOS)


Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf has been on iOS for around a month but this week it finally comes to Android too. Based on the immensely complicated Games Workshop phenomenon, the game see’s you taking command of a squad of stranded Space Marines. You need to clear out the offending enemies during a series of turn-based card battles. Most cards represent a weapon and you only get a set number of points to spend on your deck each turn. Definitely one for the thinkers.

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