Tinder Social launches for group encounters

Manny Pham
July 21, 2016

Tinder Social has finally launched for the UK, offering the option for you and a few friends to double, and even triple date. 

Well that’s what Tinder wants you to use it for, making connections and creating new encounters to bring everyone in this beautiful world together. When really, most will probably be looking to use Tinder for randy reasons.

Tinder Social was first beta tested in Australia and proved to be successful as Australian users gave the feature plenty of positive reviews. For the UK launch Tinder has added a real time feature. People can now view groups going out and what they intend to do for the night.

Tinder Social to catch ’em all


Using Tinder Social is easy enough, pick one to three friends and select a goal. It can be going to dinner, seeing a movie, the more exciting the better your chance of a match we find. Tinder Social seems to be rolling out to specific people, if you didn’t receive it, check if one of your friends have it and ask to form a group.

Upon forming and matching with another group you’ll be lumped together in a group chat.

The feature is also out in the US and select territories around the world. Tinder has also caught onto the Pokémon Go phenomenon, by allowing groups to set their status as “gotta catch ’em all.” Funnily enough a dedicated Pokémon dating app was announced yesterday.

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