Three promises improved voice calling

Alex Yau
April 23, 2015

Three has announced the launch of its voice over LTE (VoLTE) service, which will improve voice calls for all customers on Three’s 4G network. 

The service was announced by Three’s CTO Brin Jones at an event in London.

VoLTE will enable Three’s 4G network to carry voice calls, enhancing audio quality with HD voice technology and reducing the chance of dropped calls.

Compatible Three devices

Only a certain number of handsets will be able to support VoLTE, which include a number of top phones. Compatible devices won’t have to drop to 2g or 3G networks when making or receiving calls. Any application downloading or running in the background will still use the quick 4G network.

VoLTE will also make use of super fast connection times when calling your contacts.

Customers with compatible handsets, regardless of whether you’re a pay monthly, Pay as you Go or SIM only user, will get VoLTE at no extra cost.

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