Only Thirteen People Turned Up For the iPhone 8 Launch This Morning

Thomas Wellburn
September 22, 2017

The Apple iPhone 8 launch happened today and was faced with a rather… muted reception at the flagship store in Regent Street, London.

Everyone must be waiting for the Apple iPhone X. That’s the only way we can explain this launch. Every year, we’ve been down to Regent Street and reported on the iPhone launch but this one felt entirely different. By the time we reached Regent Street, the thirteen people who actually turned up had already purchased their devices and left.

Read that again for a second. Thirteen people.

Thirteen. People.

Apple fans in years past would camp outside for days, eagerly awaiting the chance to buy the latest iPhone. The queue would usually spill into nearby Hanover Square, but there was none of that today. In fact, the press actually outnumbered the customers. The first person to get his hands on the latest iPhone was 24-year-old Salam Bin Mohammed, who had only been waiting since 10pm the night before. He purchased two Apple iPhone 8 Plus devices, saying he would give the second to his mum.

Understandably, the launch of the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is a little less exciting this year. It’s been completely overshadowed by the iPhone X, which features an edge-to-edge display and Face ID. Despite retailing for $1000 (this will be even higher in the UK), it’s clear that people are waiting for this device.

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