TalkTalk’s unlimited SIM is cheapest in the UK

Alex Yau
April 27, 2015

Phone contracts with unlimited minutes, texts and data can be expensive. TalkTalk has just launched a new unlimited SIM that’s less damaging on your bank account.

The new SIM from the broadband and TV provider will give customers unlimited minutes, texts and data for just £12 a month on a 30 day rolling contract. 

As you’d expect, there are conditions for a contract that’s so affordable. There’s no 4G, so you’ll only get 3G connectivity. Tethering isn’t supported, either, so you can’t connect your phone to a tablet or laptop and let them use your handset’s internet.

You also have to be a TalkTalk broadband or TV customer to take advantage of the deal.

TalkTalk network coverage

If you decide to go for the contract, you’re won’t find it hard to find a signal, TalkTalk promises 99% of UK network coverage.


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