STINO is the most advanced iPad mount ever seen

Thomas Wellburn
July 28, 2016

If you’re sick of propping that iPad up against a wall, STINO could be the best iPad mount that you’ve never heard of.

The product is developed by iClever, a San Francisco based technology company specialising in electronic gadgets.

The STINO is the worlds first iPad mount which contains no glue or magnets, meaning you can stick it to any surface without residue or damage. Using a Nano Vacuum Suction Formula (NVSF), it’s comprised of millions of tiny suction cups which each create small air pocket.

Obviously, the choice in surface will play a large part in how secure the STINO feels during operation. The company states you should only use it on “flat, smooth, dry, clean, nonporous surfaces that can withstand strong suction and removal without damage”.

An iPad mount with nano-technology

stino ipad mount

Removing the mounts seems pretty simple; just apply a bit of force to the corner and it should peel off like sellotape. Since it uses suction cups, you’ll probably want to keep the mount away from dampness and other fluids which can impair the suction ability, though iClever do say that once it is applied to a surface, the STINO is fully water resistant.

The first batch of STINO iPad mounts are expected to ship by 25/8 2016, with the current KickStarter campaign lasting 37 days. Early backers who pledge $25 or more will get a free STINO if they purchase the first outright at their online e-store. The company is looking to raise $30,000, with $375 current achieved so far.

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