Steve Ballmer wants Android apps on Windows phones

Manny Pham
December 3, 2015

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is unhappy with Microsoft’s decision to to put Project Astoria on hold. 

Project Astoria is a bridge for Android apps to make way to Windows phones, a move that would have solved the (lack of apps for Windows phones) elephant in the room. Ballmer was directly unhappy with Satya Nadella’s answer to the issue of the lack of apps.

Nadella was questioned by an audience member about Microsoft’s solution to the lack of support for important mobile apps like Starbucks. According to Bloomberg citied the company’s effort universal apps across PC, mobile, and Xbox. Ballmer said “that won’t work.” Instead, Windows phones need to be able to “run Android apps,” he reportedly said. Under Microsoft’s current plans, there’ll still be a route for developers to port iOS apps to Windows.

The outspoken majority shareholder of Microsoft had in the past expressed an unwillingness to cooperate with other platforms. Ballmer’s change in opinion is an easy one, as he is no longer in a position of direct power at Microsoft.

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Via The Verge.

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