Sony snaps up Toshiba image sensor sector

Thomas Wellburn
December 4, 2015

Sony has just purchased Toshiba’s imaging sensor division for over $150 million.

Sony is a pretty big pioneer in mobile camera technology, supplying sensors to several major players within the smartphone industry. It’s become quite a lucrative cash cow for the technology giant, with the division now operating as a standalone sector within the Sony brand. Today, the company has announced the acquisition of Toshiba’s imaging sensor division for a sum of $155 million. The Oita operations facility in Japan will become the newest member of Sony’s imaging team, gaining the semiconductor fabrication utilities and related assets of Toshiba’s 300mm wafer production line. The facility is mainly used as a fabrication centre that produces system LSIs such as microprocessors. It was previously used in a joint deal between Toshiba and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. for the manufacturing of PlayStation components.

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