Sony Mobile UK cuts Xperia Z5 prices already

Thomas Wellburn
September 7, 2015

Sony has reduced the official UK prices for the Xperia Z5 line, putting them much closer to third party retailers like Amazon.

Well that didn’t take long! With third party retailers drastically undercutting Xperia Z5 prices in the official Sony Mobile store, the company has taken matters into its own hands and given a price-cut to the entire range. Literally days after they first went up for pre-order, the company has slashed prices by almost 10%.


Since the UK is usually one of the most expensive countries for purchasing devices, it’s nice to see Sony pricing things competitively for once. Head over to the Sony Mobile store now to take advantage of the new pricing. Remember, this deal is specific to the UK!

For more on Sony, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Sony page. 

Via GSMArena


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