Sony acquires 3D sensor firm SoftKinetic

Manny Pham
October 9, 2015

Sony have acquired Belgian 3D sensor firm SoftKinetic to further strengthen their newly reformed image sensing sector.

Sony continue their pursuit of building on their successful image sensing business after purchasing SoftKinetic for an undisclosed fee. The Belgian company develops 3D vision technology for gaming, imaging and other applications.

Sony is interested in the “time-of-flight” range image sensors, which use light to determine distances to objects. Sony plans to combine that sensor technology with its own to develop “the next generation of range image sensors and solutions.”

This would mean for consumers even better cameras for the smartphone brands they love, Sony are develop cameras for the majority of smartphone manufacturers including; Apple, Samsung and LG to name a few.

Sony recently spun off their image sensing business to form Sony Semiconductor Solutions. The future will come with clarity from Sony.

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Via CIO Today.

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