Skype for iPhone to get major update, with new look and faster performance

Saqib Shah
June 10, 2014

Skype 5.0, the latest update from the Microsoft-owned VOIP service, is hitting Apple iOS this week and with it comes a range of new additions.

Design-wise the iOS app will match the Android and Windows Phone versions of the service, which were themselves updated last year.

However, the app’s developers have gone a step further and claim that Skype for iOS will now launch and run faster – up to five times more faster, according to them.

Additionally, navigation has improved to allow for swiping between screens and the UI’s animation has also been changed.

From a usability standpoint you’ll soon be able to create group chats from the main screen, even if everyone in the group isn’t online at the same time.

Asynchronous messaging means that a message will wait to be delivered next time the user logs on.

Furthermore, the Skype notifications system has been overhauled so now, once you’ve read a message on one device, it’ll be marked as read across all your devices.

A date for the update has not been confirmed, although reports state it will definitely be some time this week. iPad users will have to wait slightly longer for the update.

Check out the official video displaying Skype’s new look and features below:


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