Samsung tablets beating Apple for US customer satisfaction

Jamie Feltham
November 1, 2013

Without question, the iPad’s biggest rival is Samsung tablets. Sure, Apple’s device is the more talked-about product, but Samsung tablets tend to sell by the barrel as well. In fact, in the US, a recent survey suggests that customers are more satisfied with the Korean’s offerings than they are Apples.

The research, conduced by J.D. Power has placed Samsung tablets as the most satisfactory tablets on the market. The devices scored 835 points on a scale of 1000, with Apple was just behind at 833. Following that up was Amazon with 826 (thank the Kindle Fire for that) and Asus with 821 (Nexus devices). It’s a big leap in the half year that’s passed since the last study – Samsung scored 822 while Apple met 836.

The survey asks customers about five areas: performance, ease of operation, styling and design, feature, and cost. Samsung was the only company to improve in all five of these areas. We’ve included the graph of findings below for your interest.

So is it a sign of changes? Possibly, but don’t expect the iPad to crash and burn any time soon.

Samsung tablet

Source: Phone Arena

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