Samsung marks replacement Note 7 with blue ticks

Manny Pham
September 13, 2016

Samsung will be ship replacement Note 7 devices soon and will be labelling them with blue ticks in Australia, and possibly worldwide. 

In case you missed it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a habit of exploding and Samsung are moving swiftly to sweep up charred remains of its serious problem. Granted it’s a small percentage of the 2.5 million devices affected, but it’s big enough to warrant a full-scale recall from Samsung. The Korean manufacturer issued a statement last week, acknowledging the cases worldwide in regards to the Note 7, and will be moving to ship replacement Note 7 handsets over the next couple of weeks.

When customers and retailers get their hands on the replacements, a couple of key indicators on the box will tell you whether it’s a new batch or from an the old one. Basically whether it’s prone to explode or not. A small black box will be placed on the bottom right of the bar code label, the bigger indicator would be the big blue ‘S’ sticker as seen below.

Replacement Note 7 sticky label

replacement note 7

If you somehow got the device on its own with no charger, headphones and box. Don’t worry. Samsung are launching an IMEI database tool next week, allowing customers to type in the unique IMEI number to find out whether  it’s a recalled Note 7 or a safe one. The IMEI number is on the barcode label, but you can also see it on the device itself by going into settings.

This is the action being carried out in Australia, but we should be seeing a similar move in the US and UK.

Purchasers of the Galaxy Note 7 are able to exchange the device for a replacement from where it was originally purchased.

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Via Samsung Australia.

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