Samsung planning on abandoning Tizen OS?

Jordan O'Brien
August 12, 2013

Tizen OS was initially meant to launch on August 1, but now it has been revealed that the South Korean giant may be slowing down development of the operating system.

Samsung initially wanted to prove to Google that its success was not reliant on Android, but mainly down to the innovations of the manufacturer itself.

According to industry sources, Samsung may not believe that statement as much as you may think, with the company allegedly worried that launching Tizen could benefit its Android competitors.

It was once thought that Samsung could abandon Android completely for Tizen, although it seems that executives within Samsung may not be optimistic about pinning its smartphone lineup on an unproven OS.

Samsung’s Co-CEO J.K. Shin has reaffirmed the company’s commitment to Tizen, rebuffing claims that development had been abandoned — but he never mentioned anything about the speed of the development or any delays.

We could see a Tizen announcement at IFA 2013, but it’s already speculated that we will be seeing the Galaxy Note III — and it seems unlikely that Samsung would switch such an important device to Tizen this early.

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