Samsung might be making a Gear 2 smartwatch with on-board SIM – no phone required

Callum Tennent
March 20, 2014

The Gear 2 range may have only just been announced by Samsung, there could already be another big release in the works.

Samsung’s latest range of wearable smartwatches are designed to function in tandem with your Samsung smartphone, but the company’s native Korean market could soon be about to receive a variant of the Gear 2 with SIM card capacity. This would mean that it can function as a telecommunications device all on its own.

This is pretty big news, as no one has really attempted a standalone wearable comms device before. Alcatel OneTouch announced the Pop Fit  at MWC 2014, which it claims to be the first ever ‘wearable smartphone’, but it still doesn’t really compare to the prospect of a SIM-equipped Gear 2. It’s capacities as a smartphone would presumably be limited, but a device as nicely polished as the Gear 2 with the added capability to call and text without a tethered device is still appealing.

There’s no report on when (or if) the device will head out of Korea to the West, but given the recent announcement of and excitement surrounding Android Wear  it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw it sold closer to home sooner rather than later.


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