Samsung gamepad headed to Europe for all your gaming needs

Jamie Feltham
December 17, 2013

We’ve seen plenty of new game controllers in the build up to Christmas, but this one might raise an eyebrow, based on who makes it. The Samsung GamePad has been announced for release in Europe, offering a new way to play on a compatible Galaxy device.

You might remember the Samsung GamePad from the Galaxy S4 reveal, but it’s taken this long to show up. It’s a modest-looking piece of kit that slots under your phone and has dual thumb sticks and face and direction buttons. the company boasts that if you use one of its mirror screen apps to get the phone’s screen on a TV, then you’ll have a console experience.

The thing is compatible with the Galaxy Note II, Note 3, S III and S4, so basically all of the recent additions to the line up. Outside of the Galaxy it will work with devices between 4 and 6.3 inches running Android’s Jelly Bean or higher.

If you press the ‘Play’ button featured on the controller you’ll be taken to a library of games known as the Mobile Console app. It gives you quick and easy access to a range of games like Need for Speed Most Wanted and Virtua Tennis.

Samsung has confirmed that the device is now available in some European markets and will hit the UK within the next few weeks.

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