Samsung Galaxy S7 to feature Sony camera sensor?

Thomas Wellburn
November 2, 2015

Samsung are reportedly in talks with Sony to include the IMX300 camera sensor in the upcoming Galaxy S7.

It seems that Samsung are busy making all sorts of alliances at the moment, what with the recent Qualcomm partnership and now this. Rumour has it that the company has been so impressed with the quality of the sensor found in the Sony Xperia Z5 that they want to include it in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. The company was previously expected to use their new ISOCELL sensor which would bump resolution from 16MP to 20MP, but apparently the company now wants to try the new Sony sensor instead.

This means we could be getting a bunch of Galaxy S7 variants that potentially all use completely different components. You could get one with a Snapdragon 820 or one with an Exynos and equally, you could get one with a Samsung camera sensor or a Sony sensor. It’s all starting to sound a little bit confusing to us.

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