Samsung Galaxy Note 5 tops DisplayMate screen test

Thomas Wellburn
August 19, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 officially has the best mobile panel on the market according to screen testing website DisplayMate.

The panel was recently subjected to a number of very thorough tests in which it managed to eclipse everything found in the previous champion, the Galaxy Note 4. AMOLED displays typically fall behind LCD panels when it comes to certain testing criteria, though DisplayMate noted in the test that this is the first AMOLED to truly give the best LCD’s a run for their money.

In particular, screen brightness and readability has made huge jumps versus the previous generation. The screen scored a reflectance rating of just 4.7 percent, almost the lowest recorded value for any smartphone ever made. Even more impressive was the colour reproduction, with an incredibly accurate AdobeRGB readout that makes it ideal for previewing professional photographs and commercial images. Colour gamut was truly exceptional.

TL;DR… This is one hell of a good screen. To see the full results of the test, head to the DisplayMate website and check it out.

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