Samsung Galaxy rewards owners with My Galaxy app

Jamie Feltham
September 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy likes you for buying its products. It really likes you. It likes you so much in fact that its giving you an app exclusive to the Galaxy range that will reward you with offers on nice things. That’s nice of it, isn’t it?

The app, named My Galaxy, will mainly serve as a sort of virtual noticeboard for updates, accessories and walkthroughs to help make your smartphone experience as smooth as possible. Furthermore, it will provide access to exclusive offers on films and music as well as concert tickets. This about it like you would 02’s priority service, although it’s obviously yet to prove itself as useful. An m-commerce storefront will list over 300 accessories available to use with your device, and you’ll be able to use Google Voice for explanations and how-to’s on your phone’s features.

As you’d expect for an app of this nature, its available to download for free off of the Google storefront. It will run with the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Fame or Galaxy S III Mini.

Source: Pocket Lint

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