Samsung expected to unveil cheaper Galaxy Note 3 in February

Jamie Feltham
December 2, 2013

Samsung will reportedly unveil its Galaxy Note 3 Lite phablet at Mobile World Congress* in February.

The device will be a lower cost (and lower spec) version of the Galaxy Note 3, which is a 4G-enabled, 5.7-inch device with a 13 megapixel camera.

According to a Samsung source cited by Sam Mobile, the Galaxy Note 3 Lite will have only an eight megapixel camera and the screen will also be downgraded from Super AMOLED to LCD.

Two versions have been listed in shipping reports this weekend ‘ with screens measuring 5.49-inches and 5.7 inches.

Previously, Samsung has also hinted it will make a more expensive version of the Galaxy Note 3.

*Mobile World Congress is an annual conference for the mobile industry, to be held in Barcelona in February

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