Samsung are planning to release bendable phones

Manny Pham
June 7, 2016

Samsung could be planning two brand new devices next year, using new bendable screens. 

It was reported back in March, Samsung will be working on bendable screens, apparently investing $325.73 million into the technology. Now it seems we’ll be seeing some bendable wonders soon as sources inside have said the manufacturer will launch two devices in 2017.

The bendable smartphones have been dubbed as “Project Valley” according to the source. With an early 2017 release in mind, Mobile World Congress 2017 is the most likely unveiling event, as Samsung has traditionally used the event to unveil their major flagship devices (e.g. S6 and S7).

Samsung’s Project Valley devices

The anonymous sources spoke to Bloomberg, claiming one of the new smartphones will have a 5-inch screen when used as a handset, able to fold out to an 8-inch tablet display.

As for the other device it will be able to fold in half, with no other detail stated about it. Which sounds awfully similar to the patent unearthed a week ago.

It seems the investments put into OLED screen technology by Korean manufacturer has paid off. If we do indeed see a device of such innovation at MWC, they will once again prove to be a front runner in innovation, as bendable screen currently cannot endure the daily rigours of life.

The Project Valley devices will be in their early stages, whether they will be viable to be sold in 2017 remains to be seen.

The Korean technology giants are no strangers for ground breaking screen innovation. The Galaxy S6 of course employed an edge screen that stretch from side-to-side, giving off that signature look we could be seeing for years to come.

Samsung are remaining tight lipped about Project Valley at the moment, but we will know more closer to 2017.

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Via Bloomberg.

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